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10th September 2007

shadowrunner769:15am: Update
 For those internested, "Action Man: The Return" has officially restarted and is known as "Action Man: The Return - Second Rising". The first episode is titled "Upon Janus" and should start in a day or so. Comment here if you want to be emailed full episode logs when they are edited.

As always, the sim is open to suggesstions, comments, and questions from readers and fans alike. Let me know if you want to see something happen or have a question that bugs you!

16th August 2007

kerromstarbane3:59pm: Something

the Fanfiction.net AM Forum, for those tooo lazy to click through, but check here often.

I'm currently working on two stories. One is Bloodshift, where Alex has joined X. the other is Thirst of Failure, where Alex has been poisioned by Gangrene, and is going insane. I know I have several stories left undone, but come on... gimme a break!

Let's see... Affecting the future is one. then I just have Bloodshift and ToF. Not as many as I had thought. Maybe I'm thinking of the others I have saves away, and then in the other areas as well.... Never mind then.
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30th July 2007

kerromstarbane10:44am: 2 years!!!
Oh my god. There has been no posts... oh well, I guess it is time for an update of sorts:

I have 6 episodes of Action Man on my computer, and I'm working on a music video (though it is going painfully slow). I'm working on several stories that I plan on turning into comics (once I work on my drawing skills a bit more) which are to be post... to no idea, but I'll figure that out later.

There are AM forums on Fanfiction.net, within Cartoon > Action Man, and that has a few updates as well, least from time to time.

Nothing really new has come up, though...

3rd May 2005

shadowrunner7610:52pm: Fan count
I collaborated e-mail addresses, IP statistics, and readouts from RealTracker and have come to this conclusion: "The Return" has a little over 1500 currently active fans.

(clears throat) Ahem. W00T!!!!
digitaldudegirl8:51pm: Hey. I've noticed that I haven't posted in here. So anyway. Hi! I'm Dudegirl! And yes I am a fan of Action man. Ok, so I have no Action man toys whatsoever. Heh. Not to prevoke jelousy, but I have actually seen the last few episodes that were not aired in USA. They showed them in New Zealand.

30th April 2005

lasaravis12:07am: Hi! I’m Las, a long-time Action Man fan. I obsessively watched the series when it first came out, and have been writing FanFic since early 2001. (SHAMELESS PLUG TIME: It can be found over here.) I have a lot of it, as AM has a special place in my heart --it was my very first fandom. I previously took a hiatus from writing, but am back and just as in love with the series as I was five years ago.

Anywho, I also come bearing gifts. In honor of the community, I’ve just posted my Action Man Drabbles. It’s a mixed bag of G though NC17, and slash/het/gen. (And I’ll plead for forgiveness for any mistakes you find, as all of these are unBeta’d.)

I’m so glad I found this place!

27th April 2005

shadowrunner766:54pm: Not really off topic, but meh...
As you guys have probably already seen, the site is down (again) for a complete revamp. I was almost done with the original when I lost the HTML source files. Normally this is not a big deal, but when you integrate flash it becomes a huge pain in the butt.

So, anyway, does anyone have any suggesstions about what to do with the site? Graphics or text, page layouts, navigation layouts... anything will be considered. I am still looking for a good coder, although I will not allow lack of a coder to hinder the site's development. Logs can still be downloaded, and I may psot some images of Antioch soon for eye candy. These will be the first 3d images ever poste dof her on the internet. news will be updated every few days.

Shoot me an e-mail or reply here with any comments.


P.S. Expect 3d images of the entire major cast soon.

22nd February 2005

kerromstarbane8:22am: Fan Fiction
We have all heard of it, and I'm sure most of us have writen it.

Have any of you ever thought what the writers at Mainframe Entertainment Inc. Think of when they find and read what we have writen? I'm guessing not, since i didn't think of them until late last night after thinking about the Jak Fandom i'm part of. I was also thinking about Shadowrunner's 'Action Man: the Return'. I know I wrote one or two pieces of fiction for The Return, but never posted it. I guess part of me was worried as to what she would think, since I know her very well.

Is it different when we know the writer(s) personaly? does it make a difference that we have never met them or gotten to know them?

Just some things to think about later.

28th November 2004

kerromstarbane12:06am: Green Thoughts
DL'ed this episode today, and then watched it... Alex is such a dork!!!!! 'Lucky helmet' and "Lucky Jungle hat' and his indiana Jones outfit. "Look at me mom, I'm flying!!" There are just so many things WRONG with that. But i couldn't help laughing, and giggling, and reclaiming my uber fan-girl-ness that i used to have for the episode (and series)... Alex and his Hot sexyness. His singing was really bad, though... but just made him all the funnier.

Voice were/are differnt then what i remember or imagined them to be. No biggy... just adds to the good memories. I like the picture sequence though... that was always cute, Alex being kissed on the cheek by some girl who had Grinders haircut, him giving Masters bunny ears. so cute. I think there is an image of a little kid somewhere... i'll have to watch it again later tonight. I might post some screen shots for veiwing pleasure if i get the time.

Waiting to DL Double Vision from my source... then i can enjoy the Brandon-ness too.
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25th September 2004

kerromstarbane10:22pm: Wonderfull image.... Don't try this at home
Why Alex should never go to Greece... and demand a blue toga.

But Alex should dress up nicly... and get a pet kitty.

Or... hang from a shelf....

OR!!!!...... One word: Rope-burn

More images soon....

(Courtesy of Google image search, and my digital camera)

12th September 2004

kerromstarbane12:27pm: Writing and some other stuff
A thought hit me a few moments ago: Why I let Dr. X win in most of my writting.

Lets look at it with out names:

Smart, strong, extremely evil guy with a mountain of aresenals at his disposal and a group people under his command who could, singale handedly if they tried, destroy the world
A young and athletic suburban American white boy who was forced into saving the world with the help of his hodg-podg team.

Logicaly, looking at the provided information: who wins? I think it is plainly obvious.

That is exactly what I think about, sub-conciously, when I write a story where it is directly Dr. X vs. Alex. As long as I don't add in some of my original characters to tip the table one way or another, to me, Dr. X will always win, hands down.

I'm totaly ignoring the AMP factor, because I think that thing in his head is a bunch of crap. Yeah, sure, it helps him when he needs it, but come on! If it was that factor who made him who he is with saving the world and all, I wonder how well he would do with out it. Sure, probably DIE in the hope-less situations. He is good at thinking on his feet though... I got to give him that.

Maybe I write Alex to dumb. that is a possibility. Maybe part of me thinks he is too much of a funny guy to do anything serious, unless he really has to be. Light-hearted, good natured, sexy suburban white boy from America.

Alex isn't a fighter or a killer. Sure, he learned a lot of fighting techniques, least, I think he did. I don't remember what the series said, but hey... he used a few things to get out of tight spots BEFORE the AMP factor kicked in or what ever it does... 'Trigger'. thats the word.

(More AMP Factor bashing) Is that thing so hard to write for some authors? I tried, once, to write it... forgot how well I did. And why does he have to trigger it with that stupid saying "Check it out, Dial it in, AMP IT UP!" Sure, he sounds sexy when he does that, but COME ON!! I can't remember if it was eventually shortened to just "Amp it up" or what... but that saying is just plain stupid.

I'm going to stop now before I hurt something.
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4th September 2004

shadowrunner767:40pm: Another blooper...
...happened when a few of the cast were in the studio for a brief recording session. It involved Mackenzie Gray and Janyse Jaud. From what Rose told me (all I heard was the crash and worried concerns of the maintenance guy), Janyse was heading toward the break room which is where Mackenzie was coming from. They bumped at a corner, and Janyse fell backward. Mackenzie snickered but helped her up... only to slip in a puddle from mopping the floor not three steps away. What comes around goes around, I suppose. Still served for a good chuckle.

10th August 2004

nebulagate11:39am: post-it note
::pinned to Brandon's door::

Your horiscope says you will encounter X today while taking Marian to lunch. Beware of forks.

16th July 2004

kerromstarbane6:45am: Not much info to give
Well... most of us know the story practically, have seen all the episodes (plus some), and know all there is to know about our favorite heros and villians. What now?

Well, Action Man is not coming back to the United States, even though it was big here amoung the older audience, and seems like it is going to remain in the Eastern Countries.

Two of my friends here in Sauk Centre have seen the show and liked it. Aaron wants it to come back. He was whining the other day how he didn't get to see all the episodes. Amanda said she watched it with her little brother and sister till it was cancelled, and then let it slip from her mind. I don't blame her. Many times it has slipped from my mind for more than an hour a day.

I guess if any one has any therories about certain things, they should post them. One question I have that I KNOW will never be answered is...

What is Dr. X's real name?
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9th July 2004

shadowrunner768:53am: For your viewing pleasure...
I figure every now and then I'll post a blooper for the viewing pleasure (or displeasure) of the community. This one happened around a year and a half ago.

Rosa (voice/recording tech): Okay, lets work and go home. I have chicken waiting.
Jeremy (animation tech): You are starting to look like a chicken.
Rosa: Be careful or I'll make sure you walk out of here with a blushing face.
Shadow (animation tech): o.0 I am going back to my office.
Rosa: Room is live. (starts recording)

Simon: Alex, you have to understand-
Alex: No, you are the one who has to understand! More is at stake here than a few hundred lives!
Rikki: But... but this is insane. I-
Tempest: (loud slamming sound is heard in background as he slams into the locked sound room door)
X: Holy... that hurt.
Tempest: Who locked the door?!
Rosa: Um... its always locked when recording starts.
Tempest: Let me in? Unless you want me to record the scene in the bathroom.
Rosa: (looks to Jeremy, Jeremy shrugs) Your scene isn't until tomorrow.
Tempest: (blank stare, sigh) ...my nose hurts.
Alex, Simon, Nick, Asazi: (snicker)

Thank Jeremy for this one. He was nice enough to tell me about this little mishap a couple of months ago.

6th July 2004

kerromstarbane6:22pm: Welcome...
... shadowrunner76!

When I saw the email in my inbox, I said "Oh shit" But welcome still.... I wasn't expecting you, actually. I didn't know you had at live journal, really...

Welcome! *hugs, knowing she is not going to hear the end of this....*
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4th July 2004

nebulagate1:49pm: Happy Fourth of July, you all.
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2nd July 2004

nebulagate5:23pm: hmm
Alex just sent me a note.

"Look up into the sky and see the green"

...I have no idea what it means
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25th June 2004

kerromstarbane2:18pm: Plans?
Figured I would answer questions, maybe give some bios of characters, post vehicle info, episode info, and just answer questions.

First member!! YAY! **hugs**

Oh.. message from the Council of D.O.O.M. :
TO: Kerro Starbane
FROM: Council Of the Designated Overlords Of Mankind
DATE: June 25, 2004: 12:32

We will be making appearances, just to satisfy the members (of the community). If we see anyone from Team Extreme, we will call a truce.

We hope it all works out for you.

ts (Tempest Storm wrote this)

Yeah.. they sent me that memo. (well... no, i just wrote that for them...

Welcome SuperNova (Yes, i know it is you. :P)
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nebulagate1:05pm: Yay!
New memeber. hehe. So...what are your plans for this comunnity?
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24th June 2004

kerromstarbane5:01am: Welcome
To give this community a little more substance... the Real Team Extreme will be around. And feel free to walk around Big Air.

(Denote actions how ever you want, just remember that > < signs don't show up on web pages.. unless someone cares to test it.)

I'm the Moderator, Kerro Starbane. When you join, I'm sent an email, please be patient... it might take me at most 24 hours to let you join. I'm just really busy.. and plus Work likes to eat me.

** Smiles to all who eventually enter. She is standing in the middle of the cargo bay.**
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