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Not really off topic, but meh...

As you guys have probably already seen, the site is down (again) for a complete revamp. I was almost done with the original when I lost the HTML source files. Normally this is not a big deal, but when you integrate flash it becomes a huge pain in the butt.

So, anyway, does anyone have any suggesstions about what to do with the site? Graphics or text, page layouts, navigation layouts... anything will be considered. I am still looking for a good coder, although I will not allow lack of a coder to hinder the site's development. Logs can still be downloaded, and I may psot some images of Antioch soon for eye candy. These will be the first 3d images ever poste dof her on the internet. news will be updated every few days.

Shoot me an e-mail or reply here with any comments.


P.S. Expect 3d images of the entire major cast soon.
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