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For your viewing pleasure...

I figure every now and then I'll post a blooper for the viewing pleasure (or displeasure) of the community. This one happened around a year and a half ago.

Rosa (voice/recording tech): Okay, lets work and go home. I have chicken waiting.
Jeremy (animation tech): You are starting to look like a chicken.
Rosa: Be careful or I'll make sure you walk out of here with a blushing face.
Shadow (animation tech): o.0 I am going back to my office.
Rosa: Room is live. (starts recording)

Simon: Alex, you have to understand-
Alex: No, you are the one who has to understand! More is at stake here than a few hundred lives!
Rikki: But... but this is insane. I-
Tempest: (loud slamming sound is heard in background as he slams into the locked sound room door)
X: Holy... that hurt.
Tempest: Who locked the door?!
Rosa: Um... its always locked when recording starts.
Tempest: Let me in? Unless you want me to record the scene in the bathroom.
Rosa: (looks to Jeremy, Jeremy shrugs) Your scene isn't until tomorrow.
Tempest: (blank stare, sigh) nose hurts.
Alex, Simon, Nick, Asazi: (snicker)

Thank Jeremy for this one. He was nice enough to tell me about this little mishap a couple of months ago.
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LOL! that is funny. For the second one, was that the actual characters or the voices fo the characters?
Those are two parts of the same blooper. I used character names instead of actual names, due to the fact that not everyone knows who the voice actors are for each character. It is an actual event.
ah. cool