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Not much info to give

Well... most of us know the story practically, have seen all the episodes (plus some), and know all there is to know about our favorite heros and villians. What now?

Well, Action Man is not coming back to the United States, even though it was big here amoung the older audience, and seems like it is going to remain in the Eastern Countries.

Two of my friends here in Sauk Centre have seen the show and liked it. Aaron wants it to come back. He was whining the other day how he didn't get to see all the episodes. Amanda said she watched it with her little brother and sister till it was cancelled, and then let it slip from her mind. I don't blame her. Many times it has slipped from my mind for more than an hour a day.

I guess if any one has any therories about certain things, they should post them. One question I have that I KNOW will never be answered is...

What is Dr. X's real name?
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