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Writing and some other stuff

A thought hit me a few moments ago: Why I let Dr. X win in most of my writting.

Lets look at it with out names:

Smart, strong, extremely evil guy with a mountain of aresenals at his disposal and a group people under his command who could, singale handedly if they tried, destroy the world
A young and athletic suburban American white boy who was forced into saving the world with the help of his hodg-podg team.

Logicaly, looking at the provided information: who wins? I think it is plainly obvious.

That is exactly what I think about, sub-conciously, when I write a story where it is directly Dr. X vs. Alex. As long as I don't add in some of my original characters to tip the table one way or another, to me, Dr. X will always win, hands down.

I'm totaly ignoring the AMP factor, because I think that thing in his head is a bunch of crap. Yeah, sure, it helps him when he needs it, but come on! If it was that factor who made him who he is with saving the world and all, I wonder how well he would do with out it. Sure, probably DIE in the hope-less situations. He is good at thinking on his feet though... I got to give him that.

Maybe I write Alex to dumb. that is a possibility. Maybe part of me thinks he is too much of a funny guy to do anything serious, unless he really has to be. Light-hearted, good natured, sexy suburban white boy from America.

Alex isn't a fighter or a killer. Sure, he learned a lot of fighting techniques, least, I think he did. I don't remember what the series said, but hey... he used a few things to get out of tight spots BEFORE the AMP factor kicked in or what ever it does... 'Trigger'. thats the word.

(More AMP Factor bashing) Is that thing so hard to write for some authors? I tried, once, to write it... forgot how well I did. And why does he have to trigger it with that stupid saying "Check it out, Dial it in, AMP IT UP!" Sure, he sounds sexy when he does that, but COME ON!! I can't remember if it was eventually shortened to just "Amp it up" or what... but that saying is just plain stupid.

I'm going to stop now before I hurt something.
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