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Green Thoughts

DL'ed this episode today, and then watched it... Alex is such a dork!!!!! 'Lucky helmet' and "Lucky Jungle hat' and his indiana Jones outfit. "Look at me mom, I'm flying!!" There are just so many things WRONG with that. But i couldn't help laughing, and giggling, and reclaiming my uber fan-girl-ness that i used to have for the episode (and series)... Alex and his Hot sexyness. His singing was really bad, though... but just made him all the funnier.

Voice were/are differnt then what i remember or imagined them to be. No biggy... just adds to the good memories. I like the picture sequence though... that was always cute, Alex being kissed on the cheek by some girl who had Grinders haircut, him giving Masters bunny ears. so cute. I think there is an image of a little kid somewhere... i'll have to watch it again later tonight. I might post some screen shots for veiwing pleasure if i get the time.

Waiting to DL Double Vision from my source... then i can enjoy the Brandon-ness too.
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January 26 2005, 03:16:41 UTC 13 years ago

Where do you dl the episodes? Thx.