Kerro Starbane (kerromstarbane) wrote in action_man001,
Kerro Starbane

Fan Fiction

We have all heard of it, and I'm sure most of us have writen it.

Have any of you ever thought what the writers at Mainframe Entertainment Inc. Think of when they find and read what we have writen? I'm guessing not, since i didn't think of them until late last night after thinking about the Jak Fandom i'm part of. I was also thinking about Shadowrunner's 'Action Man: the Return'. I know I wrote one or two pieces of fiction for The Return, but never posted it. I guess part of me was worried as to what she would think, since I know her very well.

Is it different when we know the writer(s) personaly? does it make a difference that we have never met them or gotten to know them?

Just some things to think about later.
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